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Boost Your Trading Confidence on our Premium Sim Trading Platform
Enjoy Unlimited Balance Resets Risk-Free  

Elevate your trading skills with our cutting-edge paper trading solution. Experience real-world market conditions, advanced features, and seamless integration. Gain confidence through Unlimited Balance Resets, allowing you to learn from mistakes without consequences. Unlock your trading potential in the Most Realistic, Risk-Free Simulated environment available.

Set Trading Balances

Tailor your trading experience by setting and resetting your balances.

Set Profit Targets

Define your profit goals and watch your virtual performance, providing valuable insights for real-world trading strategies.

Set Max Position Sizes

Safeguard your investments by setting maximum position sizes, ensuring you stay within your risk tolerance while exploring new trading opportunities.

Set Daily Drawdown

Take the guesswork out of risk management. Practice Until allows you to set daily drawdown limits, providing a secure environment to hone your trading skills without fear of excessive losses.

Set Max Loss Limit

Protect your capital with ease. Determine your maximum loss limit and practice risk management techniques in a controlled environment, reducing the possibility of significant setbacks.

Get Started Today!

Take advantage of this opportunity to immerse yourself in the trading world, fine-tune your strategies, and gain confidence before entering the real market. Start your journey today!  

Advanced, Modern, Easy, and Quick Platform-Optimus Flow. Free

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Free Trading Journal

The Ultimate trading journal instills an Unyielding Military Discipline that does not let you make the same mistake twice.  

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Keep a record of your simulated trades

Our trading journal lets you log your trades, thoughts and lessons in one place so you can learn from your practice. Reviewing your journal regularly will make you potentially a better trader faster. 

Track your progress to see yourself become a pro

Note your key stats, trades, ideas and goals in a journal to stay on track while you learn. You'll be able to look back and see how far you've come, fueling the motivation to continue advancing your craft. 

Learn from your virtual wins and losses

Write down what you tried in the market, what worked, what didn't and why. Then study your observations to improve your methods and do better next time. The journal gives you a simple system to build real trading skills through practice. 

Why Choose Optimus Flow's Sim Trading Platform? 

Authentic Trading Experience: Optimus Flow mirrors real-world trading conditions, providing an immersive, authentic trading experience. The only difference? You're trading with virtual money, not your hard-earned savings. 


Master real trading skills with a complete order management simulator.

Our platform offers all the features of an advanced brokerage like interactive charts, level 2 data, hotkeys, and every order type to practice—from stops and targets to OCOs and time-based orders. Learn to navigate professional-grade tools so you can focus on strategy, not software when trading live.   


Start making smarter trades based on how the market is actually behaving instead of guessing.

Order Flow provides an easy visual way for new traders to understand what's really happening with prices and volume. Optimus Flow interactive charts let you spot where trades are clustering together so you can get in on the action. Practice with our simplified version of this professional's tool to develop a skill that will serve you well as a beginner and beyond. Discover opportunity through insight. 

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A technical analysis toolkit without equal.

Optimus Flow is equipped with the largest array of indicators, drawings tools, and built-in studies of any simulation platform. Whether discretionary or algorithmic, practice any trading approach with the functionality to analyze price action, detect pattern, build strategies and find opportunity across markets. All the tools, all the time, for total mastery. 


Real-Time Market Data

Real-time data feeds ensure your Sim Trading experience on Optimus Flow. Ultra-low latency data. Instantaneous data updates enable precision order execution and accurate market monitoring. Experience the speed and responsiveness that gives professionals their competitive edge. 

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Community and Expert Support

 Learn from experienced traders in our community
and get your questions answered by our team of market experts. 

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Get Started Today for Only $97!

Sign up now and LOCK IN THIS PRICE - as we add more features and value to our platform, you won't be subject to any additional price increases. 


Platform Value: $100/mo

Trading Journal: $49/mo

Sim Trading Environment: $149/mo

Total Value: $298/mo



Disclaimer: We do not provide funding, capital or sponsored trading accounts of any kind. Our paper trading platform is solely an educational practice environment. Traders assume full responsibility for determining their own readiness for live trading and securing their own account funding or sponsorship. We do not evaluate traders or qualify them for prop firm programs or funding. Each trader must make their own judgment about when and how to proceed to live markets. Our service enables traders to practice strategies and hone skills through unlimited simulated trading with virtual money. We place no time limits, performance targets or other pressures on traders. The practice environment is entirely flexible and geared solely toward developing competency at one’s own pace. While the simulated experience may impart some of the thrill and challenges of real trading, we do not actually fund any live trading or provide monetary rewards. Traders trade virtual positions only. Experience and skills gained may help in obtaining outside funding or sponsorship but we do not directly provide or guarantee such opportunities. Traders maintain full control and responsibility for their virtual accounts, positions, strategies, and risks or rewards—real or imagined. We provide the practice platform alone and make no representations regarding preparedness for live trading or likelihood of trading success or profitability. Please trade carefully and at your own discretion. Trading in commodity interest products such as futures, options and otc swaps entails significant risks of loss which must be understood prior to trading and may not be appropriate for all investors. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more of your initial investment. Opinions, market data, and recommendations are subject to change at any time. 

Paper to Trader, LLC" (PTT), is a firm offering paper trading simulations and software that operates within the confines of regulatory compliance. PTT utilizes "Optimus Flow" to simulate trading activities, providing users with an educational tool for trading simulations based on real-time market data. It is very important to clarify that PTT is neither a brokerage firm nor registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), so it is not subject to their regulatory oversight in the capacity of a financial intermediary. However, it is essential to note that "Optimus Futures, LLC," associated with the "Optimus Flow" software, is a member firm with the NFA and registered with CFTC.